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Allen Dolberry

POCC Partner since 2009

Allen fits a patient in Mexico with an upper limb prosthesis in April 2012.

Allen and a Kenyan colleague finished 17 legs in 10 days during Allen’s 4th mission to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya in July 2012.

PHI’s Prosthetic and Orthotic Component Clearinghouse (POCC) has played an important role in aiding organizations and individuals around the world in directly providing patient care to those in need. Here is a testimony of the impact of POCC given by Allen Dolberry, a BOC Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist based in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2009 my wife and I began missionary work at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya through World Medical Missions (Samaritan's Purse). Our job was to start a prosthetic clinic that would serve central/western Kenya. Our first priorities were to equip the new lab. That was somewhat easy since my Arizona practice had some extra machines. The next, and the part that really presented a challenge, was how to get parts and supplies. The first year we made about 40 limbs using supplies that were donated by local and nationwide practices. This was a blessing, but supplies ran out quickly. After a few more requests for components that netted little, I was told about POCC, which is the Prosthetic and Orthotic Component Clearinghouse. By donations, they are able to warehouse and inventory items that can be used for prosthetic and orthotic devices for missionary work, pro-bono work, etc. The best part of the service they supply is that the items and components are ready to use in great condition. Since we had started using POCC I have been able to supply over 100 artificial limbs to Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala and to the poor/uninsured in the US. Without their help, this ministry would have taken a long time to flourish as it has. Visit our website to see pictures and to see the results of POCC's help.

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