Stories: Nancy

Nancy S.

Cause of Amputation: Motor Vehicle Accident
Good Sam Patient since 2011

Nancy lost her left leg in 1992 due to a bus accident in her home country of Kenya. For a few years after the accident, she was in a wheelchair. She eventually ended up in London, where she received her first prosthesis.

When we met Nancy at the P&O Community Clinic in 2011, she was still wearing that first prosthesis, which was over fifteen years old! Her prosthetic knee was broken and the prosthesis was too long, causing her to have hip and low back pain. We spent several months making her new prosthesis, fixing her old prosthesis, and getting to know her kind spirit along the way./p>

Here’s what she has to say about her experience with the P&O Community Clinic at the Good Sam:

It is with great excitement to relate my past, my present and the future. Back way in 1992, I got into a road accident and lost my left leg above the knee, and that is when I entered into another, new life, full of pain, frustrations, sufferings, and a lot of humiliation. All the above almost came to an end when I got the prosthesis after long suffering. Some time back I came to the USA and ended up in the Good Samaritan clinic, where I learned they were starting a clinic for the disabled people; and by the grace of God, I happened to be the first to benefit, and I thank God the almighty, the Good Samaritan clinic, Dr. Warren, Roberta, my beloved prosthetic doctor, who took his great time to make my leg with great humility and love, and especially during the adjustment period, the help of a great student lady by the name of Elizabeth.

It is a great joy to have a prosthetic leg and be able to help yourself and your daily duties, to have life come back to normal, and to have the confidence of doing things like before.

My sincere thanks also go to the sponsors who have done wonderful work to bring back the lives of people; and I encourage you to continue the great and blessed work you are doing and the lord God will bless you. My heartfelt prayers are with you as you press on towards the call God has called you to do.

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